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Health and character are my priority.
Of course, the breed standard will be more than sufficiently met, but this will never be at the expense of my dogs and puppies.
My dogs will therefore only be used with good health results and will be tested for HD, CSNB, ECVO, EU and receive an Embark DNA test. Also, the lowest possible inbreeding coefficient is taken into account, which is very important for the  future genes and contributes to the health of our breed.
Furthermore, the rules of the
Board of Directors and the breed associations.
A suitable male will therefore be carefully considered.
The puppies are born in the house and grow up there.
They are weaned on fresh meat
Are dewormed, vaccinated (tailored via titre) and chipped.
Will be tested for EU (Ectopic Ureter) and given a behavioral test at 7 weeks.
In addition, they receive a family tree, registration certificate, DNA profile and a European passport issued by the Raad van Beheer.
Breeding will take place on a small scale.
It is my goal to achieve a good match between puppy and new owner. That's why I think personal contact with the puppy people is very important.
After you have picked up the puppy, I will also assist you with advice and action where possible.

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