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NBC Clubmatch

Ruby (Pranesh) and Pomme achieved a nice 1st and 2nd place in the puppy class at the Club match of the Dutch Briard Verenging.....

Proud of these champs who participated "just for fun".

Coeurs Célestes Pranesh _Ruby_

On the young dog day of the Dutch briard Club we had a wonderful reunion with all the uks who are all doing great with their lovely owners.

Our Ruby (Coeurs Célestes Pranesh) became Best Puppy (3-6 months). Wat  a wonderful day despite the heat and super proud.

Ruby 1e jhd.jpg



Due to personal circumstances, Soof (Pranesh) came back to us. She immediately adapted back to the pack and had a great time playing with her sister Sky. Fortunately, we quickly and carefully found a super new home for her and she is now called Ruby.


26 April

It is quiet and peaceful in the house. Pushkin, Pomme and Soof have also gone to their new owners. All puppies are doing well and doing great in their new homes. So nice to receive all those enthusiastic stories, photos and videos. Now we are still busy with Gazz who goes on Sunday and with baby Sky who has to stay a little longer because she is crossing the border. Skylar likes it that way and now has all the time to play with them and raise them, also for Heavynne it is now possible to act with that busy offspring. Of course, socializing continues. So go out a bit more often and walk on a leash. They are super curious, eager to learn and they are so wise. The loss of the rest is of course great, but it's nice that they are having such a good time and are doing great with their owners. They were like that too. Skylar is back to normal. Plays and runs as usual again much to the delight of Heavynne. She is regularly playing the rascal again. The only thing that suffered is her fur. She has given so much to the puppies that she has almost no fur left. But that too will recover and is the least important. Now just enjoy the two doeraks here in the house who are playing along with the girls.





































April 9

First visit to the vet, they were so tough and strong but the best thing is that they have all been declared super healthy. Heavynne is completely happy because she can finally play with the puppies and whether the puppies like this. There is still a lot on the program, but we do everything step by step. Skylar has stopped feeding her puppies since 4 days, she makes it very clear that she is no longer allowed to suckle. The most important thing now is raising and playing.



13th of April

Puppies are now past 7 weeks. We have done a lot again and they enjoy everything to the fullest. After a successful character test we took them to the dog school where they played on the field together with Heavynne and mom. Last Friday papa Vinur came to visit. What a party that was, with mom and dad out and playing in the  forest and on the meadow.

Heavynne is now enjoying herself to the fullest now that she can also play with the puppies and of course that her great friend Skylar wants to play again is the end of it. The puppy packages are ready, the puppy guides, passports, etc. are all ready. Fun to do but still with a sick feeling that the first ones will fly out in a week. They are really ready and the new owners are waiting impatiently. We're going to make good use of next week and some research still needs to be done, so let's go on the road with the car. Going outside alone on a leash is still a bit exciting but also very nice and they just step  and take everything in well. May this week  last a long time.....








15 of April

This morning it was very early to get up. Normally the puppies wake me up but this time they were surprised that the light came on so early. Eating, doing the need and then all together in the car for a slightly longer car ride than usual. Took a while before everyone was quiet because mom wasn't with us and there are just a few perseverants. Once arrived at the veterinary clinic of the EU doctor, everyone in the bicycle trailer to wait until it was their turn. They were soon allowed to explore in the speaking echo chamber and in no time they had things up and running again. One by one they passed the eu ultrasound and we are very proud that all 7 puppies have been found free of ectopic ureters. Another relief and confirmation that this dad-mom combination was a super choice.


April 5th

Yesterday the UKs were 6 weeks and the chipper has been. No more colors but names now;

Coeurs Célestes Purdey (purple), Pheadra "Puschkin" (yellow), Perla "Sky" (pink), Pranesh "Soof" (red), 

Pelle (blue), Patrol Gazz (green) and Pomme (orange). (if you hover over the photo with your mouse you will see the name)

We also received a lot of visitors again and they really like all that attention. Fortunately, the weather is also kind to us and they can still romp outside every day. There is still a lot to learn and to undertake, so we will make good use of the next 2 weeks.










April 19

Yesterday the puppies turned 8 weeks. Already whole dogs and already a lot of experience but ready to stand on your own feet and go out into the wide world. This morning they were allowed to go with me to the ophthalmologist for the ECVO examination. Strange such a study in Briard puppies with so little or no hereditary defects in that area, but some think differently and judge rather quickly about certain parent-animal combinations. I am rightly proud to be the first briard breeder to have this research done, with compliments from Annemarie of the eye clinic. All puppies are ECVO free! She shed some tears, of course, also because that afternoon the first two pups would leave the nest. Pelle and Purdey left this afternoon for their new golden basket. Was swallowing for a while but knowing that they are going to get a super house softens a lot.



April 2

Busy, busy, busy..... but how much we enjoy and the future owners who all come to visit from the uks.

They're doing great. Playing outside, going to the woods with mom, what a puppy fun.

Like real briards, they first see the cat out of the tree, but once through and the fun can begin and then dream wonderfully and fall into a deep sleep with their bellies round and fat.



28th of March

Today the Limited Sky's (combination of mom and dad) are exactly 5 weeks. They are so much fun but also real rascals. The development is going great and the characters are already clearly visible.  Each and every one of them are sweet cuddly toys that like to lie with you. Of course they also have their pranks…..

Next week the chipper comes and the names are linked to the puppies. No more colors but a real name. Now that we know when the chipper will arrive, we have also been able to schedule appointments with the vet, eu screening and ophthalmologist. Busy times but also very nice  companies are in the planning.


March 25

They are already real dogs with true characters. How they learn with and from each other is wonderful to see. The development then goes so fast. That's how it is from one week of bumping to the next week of running. Their game is also becoming more and more fanatical. Their weight is also going well and they are almost all above 3 kg. Eating meat is therefore very tasty and they know exactly when it will be prepared. Of course there is still drinking at mom's, but slowly this is getting less, which is also nicer for mom. The teeth are already true pins. We are very busy with visitors and of course the puppies now also give more work, but we do all this with so much love and pleasure. They went into the garden again on the arm. We hope that the weather will be a bit better so that they can also play outside for an hour. For now growing, sleeping, eating, drinking, playing...

Mama Skylar  her appetite is still huge, she doesn't beg anymore she just takes it. Her walks are getting longer and she is enjoying herself more and more, playing with Heavynne again to the great pleasure of her great friend. The eu examination, eye examination, character test, but first wait for the chipper to come. Of course there will also be fun rides by car to go to the forest and other adventures. Learning to walk on a leash and exploring the neighborhood. Join the doggy ride…. enough to fill the weeks.



21 March

Puppies are 4 weeks today. They are real dogs now. Can watch them for hours, how they play, explore and sleep. Heavynne occasionally goes to see what's bouncing around and luckily Skylar is going to be okay with her big friend getting closer to her pups. This morning they all went outside on the arm. In the garden was enough for now, different surroundings, different airs and the fresh wind are enough new stimuli for now. Then they all fell asleep again. Of course they have had a lot of nice visitors and they absolutely love all that attention. Their weight is already well above 2 kg now and they grow like cabbage. Their teeth become sharper and all come through well. Mama Skylar can still lie comfortably with her puppies. Often she also just steps into the run to create order, tidy up and in the process the little ones suck their bellies full of mummy's milk.



18th of March

We've had busy days. The puppies have been given more space and we have had a lot of nice visitors. The puppies are cuddled and admired and they all think it's fine. Skylar also likes all that attention. Heavynne is allowed to come closer and closer to the puppies, but in her way she still keeps her distance with great respect. Visite also likes Heavynne very much, although she receives them very loudly in her way, but a cookie in this one works wonders....

The puppies eat meat as if they have never done anything else, although drinking from mom is still the best. They also make themselves heard well and it's so nice how well they recognize you. Their teeth are coming through well too.       Playing is getting more fanatical and discovering new toys is also great fun. The extra space they have been given is therefore well used. During the day  they like to lie and play in the  run, but at night they still snuggle together in the box. They figured out the puppy pads pretty quickly and when they wake up they walk very neatly to the pads to do their needs. Of course accidents do happen, but they are beginning to understand. They will be 4 weeks old this week. Still many visits to go and still much to develop and discover. We do this step by step so that they always receive new stimuli and develop as stable briards.


Mar. 15

Puppies were exactly 3 weeks yesterday. They grow so well, also in their development. They ate meat for the first time and they loved it. Slowly we can now build that up so that mom Skylar will be less and less burdened. Of course there is nothing like mama  milk and they hang immediately under mom's belly when mom steps into the box.  They have also received a visit from a few future owners. So nice to see those happy faces of people and know that the puppies will be so welcome later. Fortunately they are still here for a few weeks because it is a pleasure to have all that lief  stuff at home. They have to grow even bigger, develop further, gain more impressions and see a little more of the big world. We do this all in small steps. Their stay will therefore be extended during the weekend. More space to walk and play and to get more impressions. The busy weeks are coming because the puppies require more and more attention and care and they will also receive regular visitors, which is of course very nice. Heavynne has already looked very curiously into the box a few times, she is still very respectful and keeps an appropriate distance. She would like to help take care of it.


12 March

They are already 19 days. They keep getting stronger. Walking and standing is getting better and better. We hear small barks and play carefully. They develop like real dogs and are going to discover more and more. It's getting harder and harder for Skylar to feed, the puppies ask a lot of her. Her food is therefore adapted to this, but she remains hungry. Extra meat, goat's milk, puppy biscuits, pasta, whipped cream....  She often seeks her peace outside the box too  although she can fall asleep wonderfully all the puppies are drinking. Just a little while and the puppies will meet their future owners. Lovely cuddling and lots of attention.