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Wednesday September 30

The last week and days have really arrived. Jeez how I'm going to miss these doeraks. So terribly sweet and social, so satisfied and never difficult. Thoroughly enjoyed our rascals. But they are really ready for their own world and life, stand on their own feet and discover a lot and enjoy life.

I now have the puppy packages ready. Very nice to do but also very confrontational because you know that they will stand on their own feet. Their own home and basket. They are terribly welcomed and the future owners can't wait to hold them in their arms forever. Nice to know that they all have a good forever home, that they are so welcome and wanted... I hope to see and hear from them often. Will always be your ukkepukkepuppen. When the last one goes, our life here will start back to normal. Another normal house and more time. Time to get back into mama Skylar and Heavynne who need to get rid of their energy again. Enjoying our long  walks again, which now took a bit of a beating. Enjoying our little girl Nova who will stay and who can go on the road. Another parenting phase, for me but also for the girls who support and help me very well. Off to a new adventure....

Go well darlings!!! How I enjoyed you.


Tuesday, October 6

Yesterday our last uk flew out. It's a double feeling. She misses our rascals so much, but it is also nice to have my home and freedom back. Doing my thing with the girls again and of course now all the time to raise our little girl Nova. It's so nice to hear how they are all doing, made it through the first night and how well they are adjusting to their new home. So happy that they are all so welcome and that they make so many human owners happy. Now we can enjoy Nova here in the house, which is already running wonderfully  and is also doing great. Enjoying all the photos and stories from the new owners. Hope to see them again soon but that will be all right. As soon as the pedigrees are in, the home visits are planned and we start looking forward to our first puppy meeting. Am so damn proud of them. Proud of mom Skylar and dad Odin who took care of these beautiful sweet champs. Proud of mom who was quite impressed when the first ones went, but now picks up the thread so well and is doing so well with little Nova. And yes I also shed some tears... but it's okay. They were so ready to stand on their own feet, ready for the big world and their own home. See you soon champs!

Wednesday September 16

5.5 weeks already. How fast, too fast. Tomorrow the chipper will come and all kennel names will be linked to the dogs, DNA will also be taken. They have had many puppy visits again. Also people (some of them now good friends) who have a puppy from Skylar's previous litter. And then of course it's always great to see your own pups (now adult briekes) again. The pups love all that attention, playing, cuddling. We have had a few very hot days again. Too hot to do anything by car, but we will do that very soon, because driving a car should be fun. The weather remains good, so they can be outside every day and play. I have now also received all the call signs from the prospective owners. How nice, but I will only announce that when the chipper has been and when the dogs are definitively linked to their future owner.

Saturday September 12

Our little ones will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. Development is going fast now. They discover more and more, but easily handle all new stimuli and impressions. The first time outside was very exciting, but with the support of everyone else, it quickly turned into a lot of fun and of course some bickering. Now that we have been outside for a few days together and support each other, it will soon be time to get some incentives individually. Doing something alone is always much more exciting and for us even more insight into the characters. 

Eating meat is going great and mom's milk is becoming more and more a dessert, which is still very much appreciated. A little less for mom because there is really no room for eight anymore and with those puppy teeth they are real dragons who will do anything to get some milk. Skylar has now really started educating and will clearly indicate what can and cannot be done. Of course we received a lot of visitors again, which the UKs don't mind, attention is great and very nice. We are slowly starting to plan more companies again. Some more country house and some more everyday things, which is of course all new to the UK. The bicycle trailer can be taken out of the  shed so that they can go on the road to discover and see more. Of course also with the car because that too should be a positive experience. Still a lot in the planning but we're taking it step by step.


Tuesday September 8

Last Sunday daddy Odin visited with his daughter Millie and his lovely owners Silke and Rolf. 

They were very pleased with our beautiful children and just as proud as I am.

Dad took a picture with a couple, male green, female red and female pink. Dad was like "what am I supposed to do with my scum", which makes sense because you can't do much with those little kids yet. We all went for a walk to the delight of Heavynne because she could play with little Millie again. Odin was head over heels in love with her, so she had to correct him a few times...

The playground outside is ready  so bring on the nice weather so they can also make things unsafe outside . Gaining new impressions with new toys and stimuli. We're starting to feel their teeth well now and I feel sorry for mom who still lets them all suck, while it doesn't fit at all anymore, that mess. Playing is becoming more impetuous  and you see them discovering more and more. All future owners have now also been. So nice those happy people and so nice knowing that the puppies are so welcome, although it will be difficult to say goodbye later. But we are not thinking about that yet, we still have a nice 4 weeks to go. Enjoy even more now!

Saturday September 5

Tomorrow our ukken  are 4 weeks old. It's going so fast and we  still want to do so much... but we will get there. The best time is coming now. They are playing more and more and are becoming more and more heard, especially when mom is around or food arrives. They now get a little more meat in a day but  mama's milk is still the tastiest and still in abundance. Growing is going great. Their teeth are also coming through well and for a while you won't be able to safely put your toes in the run. Now enjoy those happy puppies.


Tuesday September 22

They are all chipped so all kennel names are now linked to the puppies. Their DNA was also taken. They've been super cool. We have also done quite a bit in the meantime. Doing fun things is good for socialization. Everyone on the road with the bicycle trailer. To the woods and moors with Heavynne and mom. In the beginning a bit exciting but soon a party. In the car, no problem, no squeaks or whining. Met with the vet and that was also a piece of cake. All champs and I'm so proud of them!


Monday September 28

Today a longer car ride in the early morning. There was some protest because they went out without breakfast. We are therefore very happy with the result that they all have no signs of ectopic ureters. They behaved in an exemplary manner and some even fell asleep during the ultrasound.

Last week they also did quite a bit again and they all think it's great. They are very curious and enterprising. Walking along individually on the leash was a bit strange at first, but now it's really fun. You see and smell so much more than. The last week here with mom and us has arrived. Always double for me. They are so ready to go out into the big world and to stand on their own feet. For me it's swallowing and don't want to think about it for a while. We are going to enjoy our ukken this last week. Fortunately, they are not all equal and our sweet girl Nova stays with us.

All puppies' names are also known: Rising Novastar-Nova, Rani Yilla-Soof, Rhea Belle-Miley, Rayon de Soleil-Ziggy, Reine Pandora-Rockx, Ravissant-Ravi, Roy Pollux-Filou, Reno Pan-Djoeka.

Tuesday  Sept 1

The puppies have had a lot of attention the past few days. Watched, petted, cuddled.... and just like they weren't used to anything else, they were all fine with that. Love those hugs and lying on the lap of all those people. Almost all the prospective owners have now been and are already looking forward to their next appointment. Nice to hear and see their enthusiasm, the uks are so welcome.

The puppy run is now up so that they can slowly start doing more. They do so very cheerfully and without fear. They discover more and more and playing with each other is also becoming more and more fun. 

They have also tasted meat for the first time, now mixed with some goat's milk, but they love it. They are really tasty. The first ones have already passed 2 kg, so growing is also going great. Mama's milk is the best, so when mama is around, it's whoever gets to the milk bar first. Mama Skylar has her feet full with the fuss-makers, but she thinks everything is still okay. 


Friday, August 28

How nice they are. Slowly they feel each other out and start playing. She also copes well with the barks and grunts . They will be 3 weeks on Sunday. They are now going to meet their future owners so we will be busy with puppy visits in the coming time. This weekend we will also expand the whelping box with an outdoor run, so that they have more space to walk and play. They are also offered more stimuli little by little, first in the form of all kinds of toys. This period is so much fun because you can now see them develop so well and they will do all sorts of things. They are becoming real rascals now. 

Tuesday, August 25

How fast they grow. They are getting more and more dogs (real briekes) and walking is getting better.


Wednesday August 19

Puppies are now 1.5 weeks old. Just a little while and then their eyes will open. Another moment of joy when they see and hear the world. Skylar takes great care of her children, but luckily also takes her moments again. After drinking she can sleep with the pups for a while, but more and more often she lies outside the box and rests. Of course still close to the box. Fortunately, it is not so hot anymore and we can also walk a little longer during the day. The walks are now also getting a bit longer, to the delight of Heavynne, because going out together with her great friend is the best. She is not yet able to challenge her to a game, although she always tries so hard. She will have to be patient for a while. Skylar can use her energy well, the puppies ask a lot of her.


Saturday August 22

Tomorrow our little ones will be 2 weeks already. Development is going so fast. Their eyes are now open and they are trying to waddle on their feet. So nice to see, clumsy, wobbling and tumbling again, they are getting better and better. Their nails have been cut for the first time, this to protect mom's belly and also that they get used to it.