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Our door is always open to our pup people. You can personally meet us and our dogs without obligation while enjoying a cup of coffee or a nice drink.....

Here's a little introduction, I'd rather introduce myself. 

 Ingrid, raised with animals always around me. Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, horses etc....

My first briard came into my life in 1999. My support and strength, a dog from whom I learned a lot and experienced a lot. Soon after came the second..

Then my daughter Ayla who was raised with these sweethearts. Unfortunately, the predecessors were not suitable to participate in a litter, but that did not alter the fact that I let go of my dream. My dogs stay with me until they die  so these two.

When Heavynne came into my life after a very turbulent and sad time, everything blossomed again. Heavynne fulfilled everything and was the first to give me my first Coeurs Célestes litter. Unfortunately, a second litter with her was not what we wanted given her first very difficult delivery. And my dogs come first, so no more litter for Heavynne.

Despite it was  she was a super mom who took care of her pups until the last.  

Skylar took over her task and she brought me a first litter that every breeder dreams of.  A dream birth and also a supermom.

So we slowly continued and we had a few beautiful litters with her from which we also kept Nova. In the hope that she will continue our kennel name.

My life changed drastically after being a single mother for 16 years and I have now built a family again with my husband André. Enjoying together with our dogs what we share and cherish together. From holidays to dog sports, everyone has their own thing. André working with sheep with the girls and I many disciplines at the dog school, as long as the girls like it. Holidays just with our girls. Enjoy walking and wandering here in the woods and on the heath every day. Our dogs never leave our side.

They go everywhere with you. Nice to be able to share our passion together. 

Sometimes we can be found at a show, usually a club match of a breed club where we can indulge ourselves with all the beautiful briards and especially dear friends and acquaintances. The real show thing is not really our thing and also not for our dogs who prefer to be dogs and run around and play in the woods. Or one of the disciplines they like at the dog school. Of course we make sure that our dogs that  we use for breeding sufficiently meet the expected qualifications.

If you want to know more about us, you can come and meet us personally, our door is open to every dog lover, but especially to our puppy people.

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