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Monday August 10

Yesterday evening and tonight Skylar gave birth to 8  beautiful healthy puppies  (5 females and 3 males). She did so well my girl and she is so proud of her offspring. We will post all news about the puppies from now onPUPS (at Skylar). All puppies are reserved and all future  owners will be personally informed shortly. For now, rest and refuel and of course enjoy our beauty....

Skylar Odin pups

Sunday, August 2

Our girl is having a hard time. She still goes for walks and to the forest, but sometimes she looks at me as if to say "do we still have a long way to go". She is therefore clearly taking it easy and the distances are now also much shorter. 

She has now gained a total of 6.4 kg and that is veeL. A lot of weight to carry and now especially with that heat it is getting heavier for her. It's great to pet her tummy and feel how those little bums are kicking.  Just a week to go. The last stretch.... so curious what beautiful things she will give us. 

Saturday July 25

Skylar has already found her place. Put the whelping box yesterday so she can get used to it again and make it her familiar place. She is now also getting more food little by little, she will need it badly later.

Walking is still going smoothly, although we notice that she is taking it easier more often. Not fun for Heavynne because rough games are not in it for the time being. But they are doing great my dear girls. Two weeks to go. Great now all those preparations with all the stuff for the pups and mom back in the living room. We are so looking forward to it.....


Tuesday, July 14

Skylar's tummy visibly thickens and her nipples swell. And our girl is hungry!

The fetus now resembles a miniature dog. The organs are already fully developed, sex is determined. The fetuses are now also less susceptible to external influences. The lungs cannot yet absorb oxygen. Now it's growing......

Skylar always loves to be petted on her tummy, so we also had the opportunity to listen to the little ones' heartbeats with the stethoscope. 


Monday July 6

This morning we finally received confirmation that Skylar is pregnant through a beautiful ultrasound. We are super happy. Around August 8th we will see what beautiful things will be born.

Wednesday June 10

Skylar had a romantic date with the beautiful sweet Odin last weekend. 

Odin lives in Germany (Oberderdingen) with Silke and Rolf with his daughter Millie. 

We hope to receive an ultrasound confirmation in 4 weeks that we can welcome beautiful healthy puppies from them at the beginning of August.

Odin foto.jpg

Ch. Sel. Odin Des Travailleurs Barbus

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CSNB - free

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