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Character test Belgium

Character test France 17/20

NHAT France

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Nova 13 mnd

Nova was born with us on August 9, 2020. Daughter of our girl Skylar. Born from Skylar's second litter.

We hope to be able to continue our kennel name and sweet healthy social puppies with Nova. But first enjoy being a young dog and wait for her to grow into a beautiful mature stable Briard. Nova was band pink in the litter. A free and happy girl. Very social and easy, but a girl with temperament. Her beautiful expression and character were the deciding factors for me to choose her. It also seemed like she knew she was the one to stay. 

A super match with our pack. They accept everything from her, even Mama Skylar who is very tolerant of her. She plays, she fools around, challenges and the other girls happily join in. Meiske is therefore always happy and cheerful.

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