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February 22

On January 21, Skylar gave birth to 7 beautiful healthy fawn puppies, 5 females and 2 males.

Skylar did a great job and is a top mother. The puppies are drinking well. Now finally enjoy all these beautiful pups. Everything about the puppies is now brought underpuppies Skylar  - Vinur 



February 13

Day 54 of gestation and Skylar is having a rough time. Since yesterday she has decided to take it easy. She walks along at her own pace, you can see that she still wants to run and play, but there is something in the way. She has a nice tummy and her milk packages are also well developed. She sleeps a lot and is very calm. She can eat like the best, we now also divide this into several portions so that it doesn't get in the way.. She also doesn't come up to lie down with me anymore. Everything is ready below, including a bed for me so that I can sleep with her and the puppies later. On the couch she regularly comes to cuddle and lie against you, she loves all that attention. We have already had quite a few puppy people visiting and how nice that these lovely people are all looking forward to the puppies and even nicer that the UKs are so welcome. 


18 February

A weigh-in today. Skylar has now gained a total of 7.1 kg. A nice increase but it becomes 

very hard for her. She still wants so badly, but it's not really possible anymore, although sometimes a very small sprint is still tempting. The walks are now also a lot shorter and if the need is there a bit more often.

It still surprises me that she can eat so well with that bulging full belly. It's good for her that it doesn't get in the way and she can still enjoy her meals.

The puppies are moving nicely, you can feel and see them moving well. Those are those wonderful moments of enjoyment when she lies with you, hand on her stomach and feels all that life. We are really counting down the days now. Exciting and so curious what beautiful things will come into the world soon.


February 9th

The whelping box has been set up and Skylar has immediately accepted it, he clearly likes it. We have also taken the other things for the approaching birth from the attic so that we can also give them a place and have them at hand. Our walks are still the same length and she is still enjoying herself to the fullest, although you can clearly see that she is a lot calmer. Sometimes she is still tempted by Heavynne for a game to the great  pleasure of Heavynne who has energy for ten. 

The puppies grow and grow and sometimes you feel a little movement in her slowly growing tummy. In principle, they will be viable in 7 days, but they can stay safely with mom for a while longer.

How we look forward to the little stuff and so curious what beautiful things Skylar will bring to the world. Please be patient...


Fetus 55 days


February 3

Skylar feels good. She plays a bit more but with appropriate caution. Food is still very important. You can now clearly see a nice belly developing and how nice it is to hear those little ones through the stethoscope. Next week the stuff from the attic and she can get used to the whelping box in the house.

In the meantime we just do our thing and Skylar fully enjoys our daily walks, a little training (playing) at the dog school, playing with Heavynne and us, but especially all the cuddling and attention she gets.




January 25

Our little girl is hungry! If she gets the chance, she'll steal anything edible off the counter. We are going to start so slowly eating more  little by little. You can also see her belly growing a bit.

Heavynne wants to play  but Skylar now regularly indicates that she wants to take it a bit easier. This to the great surprise and disappointment of Heavynne because Sky is always up for a romp. Heavynne happily respects her and sniffing and roaming through the woods together is also fun.

The little fetuses are now growing well. The development of the organs is coming to an end and they are now less susceptible to external influences. They  are now starting to look more like a puppy and teeth, whiskers, toes and nails are developing.




January 21, 2019

Today we received the happy news through a beautiful ultrasound that we can expect the puppies from Skylar and Vinur around February 22  


December 22, 2018

Skylar had a romantic date with the sweet beautiful  

Sel. Ch. Limited Edition "Vinur" Du Rêve Lourd D'Eté

Hopefully we can see a nice ultrasound in 4 weeks and look forward to sweet healthy puppies.

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