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April 17

The puppies are today 2 days old (a few other 1 want they were born Saturday )

Heavynne is doing great and is so happy with her puppies. The pups drink eagerly and you can already see them gaining weight. Although it was very hard for Heavynne (also for us) she was immediately a supermom. She is so very proud. And we too to her, our dear Crumb.


April 19

The puppies are doing great. Mama Heavynne is so in love with her babies, she can't get away from them. At most for her needs and then back soon. 



April 21

Tomorrow our little crumbs will be a week old. How fast and how well they grow. And how I love their mom who is so caring and sweet to them. Soon I will announce their (kennel) names.


April 22nd

Today the puppies are exactly one week old. And how they have grown. The Board of Directors has approved their names, so it's time to announce them. The names are not yet linked to a puppy. This has to be done when the chipper comes so we still have time to see which name fits best. Of course, the puppy people will soon be free to name their puppy themselves.

The ladies are named Coeurs Célestes Moon, Magali, Myrla, Mignonne.

Messrs Coeurs Célestes Mirza Kysha, Matisse, Marquin.



April 23

Goes very well with the puppies. They are really very strong. Some are already trying to stand on their feet. You will of course get the nicest scenes. Promised what if that can really run soon.....

Bitch red

Male green

Male dark blue

Male light blue

Bitch pink

Bitch purple

Bitch yellow


April 25

Wat are they going to be nice. They  are already trying to walk, sometimes you hear a growl or a small bark. Become real minibriardjes nu. Just a little while and the eyes will open. You can look at it for hours and we do that_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d....enjoy!


April 28

Tomorrow the puppies are already 2 weeks old. Their eyes are already open and the bumping through the box is getting better and better. Just a little while and the first puppy people can come and admire them. Skylar is getting more and more curious because more and more noise is coming from that box. She has already been able to get acquainted a bit through de puppyren. If you then see her head. She sniffs very carefully. She is also so patient and sweet.


30th of April

How fast this development is going. I can watch them all day long. Yesterday the breeder of the male came to visit and she was also very happy with what she saw. Just a little while and the first  puppy people can also visit them and see how special they are.



3rd of May

Walking is getting better and they already know how to find their way to the pads to do their needs.

Zo knap that instinct. Carefully they also start playing with each other, you hear a bark and a growl.

They are getting more and more fun. 



5th of May

Tomorrow the puppies will be 3 weeks old. How fast it goes. Like their development. From tomorrow they can also receive visitors. They will love all that attention.


May 8th

Were a few busy but very nice days. With very nice people and friends. The puppies and Heavynne and Skylar like all that attention and sweets of course. Cynthia, the breeder of Heavynne, also visited and she was   happy with what she saw. Not only the puppies who are so beautiful and sweet but also how great Heavynne is doing. Skylar grows to like the puppies more and more and can't wait to cuddle and play with them. But she still has to be patient until they are a bit bigger and stronger. So far just looking and sniffing and sometimes a quick lick.


May 10th

Playing is fun and a new learning phase has begun. We clipped their nails for the first time, also to spare mom a little. We will do this more often so that they will experience this as normal.

The teeth can also be felt. Heavynne is still taking great care and we find nothing in the box, except for the pee they usually do on the pads.

They can now also gradually get used to meat. That is now the dessert and they certainly like it.

Of course mom's milk is still preferred, which is possible because there is plenty of that.




May 12th

Yesterday was Mama Heavynne's birthday. She turned 4 years old. 

We also had some puppy people visiting. How nice it is to share your enthousiastme with people who also like your pups. It is even better if you receive confirmation that the puppies will have a bright future with their new owners. But luckily they can stay here for a few more weeks and we won't think about saying goodbye just yet.

Then Mama Heavynne another

puppy (crumb) was. 


15 May

The past few days have been very busy. Lots of visitors and the pups have gained a little more space.

Last Friday they were 4 weeks. How fast it goes. Development is not standing still either and playfully discover they are getting more and more.... their teeth are coming through and their coats are getting longer and longer. Mama Heavynne still takes good care of them and still cleans up after them. How proud I am of her. Skylar can't wait to play with the puppies. She likes them so much and vice versa I believe too.....


May 20th

Today the puppies are 5 weeks old. It's like it's never been different. They recognize you so well. When I come downstairs in the morning, I am immediately greeted very enthusiastically. It's nice that they already have a day and night rhythm. Heavynne can just go with her pups when she needs them, but as soon as I turn off the light when I go to bed it's quiet in the box. They also eat more meat now, so they know immediately when it's coming. They love it. They are now also getting more and different stimuli (for their toys, because everything is fun), take them outside regularly and individually. No further than the garden. In a while they will be allowed to move on and we will take to the streets and introduce them to new things. From tomorrow they will also be kept outside, with new play equipment. 

Of course they also had a lot of visitors  . And attention is very nice. Papa Fabreeze has also come to admire his children and then I see again what a lovely lief manneke it is. Heavynne also enjoyed seeing her fiancé again. Skylar was a little impressed with that very big gray bear.


May 26

Tomorrow the puppies will be 6 weeks already. It goes so fast, way too fast.... Their development is not standing still either. They are getting wiser and understand the dog language better and better. Mama Heavynne has her feet full with it. Fortunately, Skylar also wants to lend a paw. So pretty because she's still so young herself.

Tomorrow the chipper will come and the names will be linked to the dogs. Then they are no longer colored , but dogs with a name. Their callsigns will be wel different for many because that is the choice of the future owners. DNA is also taken so that they will all have their own DNA profile.

Playing outside is also very nice. From next week they will therefore continue with the  straat and for the first time they will go a little further in the car. May they get to know new stimuli and experience fun things.


June 30th

Another busy weekend behind us. But the pups don't mind, they love all that attention.

The chipper was on Friday and DNA was taken by a nice gentleman from the Board of Directors.

They were all very good and didn't make a sound. In addition, our dear vet came by who wanted them  thuis before his holiday and he thought they all looked great. Very healthy and beautiful dogs. 

We also received the good news that papa Fabreeze

best (black) male Exc. CAC in the open class had on the

club show in Belgium. 

Because the puppies are now chipped, they are no longer colored

but names. Of course they will soon get their real one

owner their own nickname.

Red: Coeurs Célestes Moon, Green: Coeurs Célestes Mirza Kysha, Dark Blue: Coeurs Célestes Matisse,

Light blue: Coeurs Célestes Marquin, Pink: Coeurs Célestes Magali, Purple: Coeurs Célestes Myrla, 

Yellow: Coeurs Celestes Mignonne


June 4

And then they passed the 7 weeks in one go. Comes the realization that pups will fly out next week. Then it's time to swallow. Fortunately they don't all go at once and a few stay a little longer. In the meantime, a lot has been done and then you see what super characters they are. They are therefore not impressed by anything and if there is something strange, there is a very quick recovery. Of course they sometimes look for support, but that is allowed, that big world has a lot of strange things. Driving is not a problem from the first time and it really seems that they are going to like it, which is logical because something fun always follows. They have all had their character test and then it is nice that it is confirmed what you yourself have already noticed. We are going to enjoy them all for another week and prepare the stuff for the first ones to leave the nest. Won't be easy but I know they will get a warm basket and they will be very welcome. Some are also really ready to stand on their own feet and explore more. 

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------

June 9

 And then suddenly the realization comes that tomorrow they will already be 8 weeks old and that a number of puppies will be flying out.

 The puppies are really ready for it but for me it's a bit of a swallow. What shall I do to that little one

  rascals are going to miss. Fortunately, I know that they will all have a nice home and that they will have a great life. We have done a lot together in the last few days. So nice too to see all those rascals with   running and romping together. Digging holes and rolling in the grass together with mom.

 Prepared the things today for the puppies that go to their owners, extra cuddling tonight and  tomorrow the goodbye starts.......



12 June

And then in one it is very quiet in the house. Even the remaining pups are impressed. Heavynne has shown them off well. inspected all cars and waved goodbye to the puppies with me.

Was paralyzed and sad for a while but I know I make people very happy and the dogs are so ready to stand on their own feet. 

The 3 remaining pups will (read have to) stay a little longer. They are going to cross the border so there are different rules. We are going to work hard with these champs. Socialization continues, so still some work to do, but very nice. We thought we had found a nice family for Matisse male dark blue. Unfortunately, these people have decided that they cannot handle a puppy in the house, , so he will also stay with us for a while until we have found a suitable owner. From tomorrow then the whelping box goes out. Puppyren (as a place to sleep) in the kitchen and they will participate in the pack. From June 20 on puppy course and of course just doing lots of fun things.

The puppies that are already with their new owner of nog have all received their call sign.

Female red, Moon: "Ziva"

Male green, Mirza Kysha: "Pip"

Male dark blue, Matisse "Matisse"

Male light blue, Marquin: "Chopin"

Female rose, Magali: "Rose"

Female purple, Myrla: "Myrla"

Bitch yellow, Mignonne: "Mezzo"



Because of all the hustle and bustle I forgot to mention that all puppies had an eu screening last Tuesday morning. With the happy result that all puppies are free of Ectopic Ureter. 


June 28

So nice to hear that the puppies who have all been with their owners for a few weeks are doing so well.

Happy nice owners they all deserved that and luckily   also got it.

In the meantime, Matisse has also found a new owner. So happy for the little guy. 

It is currently very busy in the house with the remaining puppies. We try to give them everything they need, especially good socialization. So often on the road. In the car, on a leash or in the doggyride. Fortunately, I am not alone in this and I get a lot of help from dear friends. These ensure that all puppies can also participate in the puppy course that we started this week. Actually, I can no longer say that I am very proud of our puppies.

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