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March 31st

Photos from the past week. A week of misery, sadness and impotence. That's why you haven't posted anything for a while. I will post my story below so that everyone is aware of what has passed in recent weeks. That breeding is not always fun....

DThe downside of breeding


After a good pregnancy, the last week was heavy as usual, but this time heavier than previous times. Had a very tough delivery where I had to help her bring most of the puppies into the world.

Her first two litters went without a hitch so what could be wrong with a third.

11 puppies were born, one of which was a stillborn bitch. 10 healthy and beautiful puppies with beautiful birth weights. Mom took good care of them and they drank well. Also arrived every day. After 3 days mom became a bit lethargic and showed ill. Got antibiotics from the vet. But the next day it only got worse. She was really sick. Of course evening   where our own vet was not on duty, so we had to go to a replacement vet. Here she immediately started an IV and an ultrasound showed that her belly was full of fluid, so a diagnosis of peritonitis.

Urgently that evening to Veterinary Clinic Waalwijk who wanted to take her in and who could treat her.

There it turned out that she not only had a peritonitis but also a uterine infection. Her peritoneum had a large tear and two tears in her uterus. Her abdomen was full of fluid and pus. She was critically ill in intensive care for 5 days. Her blood values were not up to par after major surgery and all kinds of medication. She was tube fed. Had two catheters and a drain in her abdominal wound. She was also losing blood so a blood transfusion was suggested. We did everything we could to save her and miraculously she survived the transfusion and was allowed to go home two days later. In the clinic she also started to show depressive symptoms, so it was better that she would recover at home.

She would have a long way to go to get back to her old self but to have her home was so very nice. She was back with her pups where she went straight to when she got home. Unfortunately, she was no longer allowed to feed. She needed her strength and energy to recover. She also had medication and a major abdominal wound. She helped very well with brushing her offspring after each bottle feeding which of course we used after she was admitted.

The puppies grew well and were very lively.


After a few days, a puppy (female yellow) started to vomit. After that vomiting, no more food went in, not even small bits. Puppy became visibly weaker and that same night she died in my arms. Day after second puppy (orange bitch), vomiting and very weak. Immediately called the vet and were able to come. Of course it was evening again but we could go to our own vet.

All puppies. Once there, the puppy was very weak and after an examination, injection of Cerenia and glucose, the doctor told her to put her to sleep. Surprised I was after all sorts of suggestions for testing to get a diagnosis and maybe an option to put the rest on antibiotics. No there was no option and actually I felt abandoned by a doctor who didn't know what to do. In the meantime, the next puppy (female purple) started to vomit, but nothing else was done with it, except for a shot of Cerenia. Devastated and with a feeling of impotence going home. What to do now? Well, calling clinics that could and wanted to help me. Called on the advice of a friend and also breeder Eersel and he was surprised that nothing was done. Do nothing and just let the pups die?

With an emergency run with two sick puppies to Eersel where soon after arrival the sickest puppy (orange bitch) died. Jee that goes through marrow and bone. The other puppy (female purple) immediately got two shots. Sunolox and Metomotyl. The other bitch was immediately subjected to an autopsy to find out a possible cause. Everything was fine and it was a very healthy bitch. No bleeding, organs ok, intestines ok, lungs ok, blood ok and stools ok. Well then as a doctor you are also powerless. But we were treated very well and all the patience and time was allocated to us. The only thing we could do was treat all puppies te  with Sunolox and Metomotyl.

Home with another puppy (bitch purple) who was doomed. A dose of medication and syringes and immediately get to work when you get home.

Miraculously, the sick puppy (female purple) recovered. Went to drink again and came back to life.

The next day in the afternoon a loud scream and there went pup 3 (female red). Gee what a sadness. Towards evening two puppies (male brown and female pink) started to vomit. The puppy (female pink) was weakening very quickly and her heart rate had slowed down a lot so we feared she wouldn't make it. Other pup's heart rate remained good. In the meantime it got worse and worse with the bitch pink and slowly she sank into my arms with those horrible screams and gasps again at the end. My tears were almost gone but so intensely sad and defeated. I gave the male some extra Sunolox and the next day he drank well again and was fully recovered.

Lost 4 puppies now. Not knowing what... Mom is making steps forward but don't dare to say it's going well anymore. Just hope that the other 6 come through and that the antibiotics will do their job. That mom will be all the same again. Nobody touches the pups  in the box except me after a good washing and disinfection. Sterilize bottles even more. Clean and keep the box well.

Hope we will keep it up because now you have been demolished after 14 days. That we can keep mom with us and that she will be the old one again. That the puppies that are still there will make it and that they will have a bright future with their future owners.

Breeding a litter is not just something and it is not always about roses.

You can lose so much and it can cost an enormous amount of money (if you are willing and have it of course) May I mention that we lost more than 6500 euros on mom's 5 days in the Clinic alone. It was well worth it to get my girl back.

The costs of the puppies and the visits to the vets / Eersel clinic are not included in this

The costs are not an issue when things are going so badly because I will do everything I can to save my dogs and puppies. Doesn't mean it's easy for me, but it's worth mentioning that it can get pretty expensive.

Currently had some contact with various doctors and clinics including Waalwijk, who will inquire about what it could possibly be. Would Skylar have brought it from the clinic, would the puppies have been infected in the womb, what kind of bacteria could cause this…? Still remains a guess and a question.

April 8

Now some time and struggle on. The puppies slipped through my fingers one by one. 

There is now only one puppy left alive. A strong male that grows like cabbage. A very special little guy named Turais Odin. Two puppies were examined by a pathologist in Utrecht. That same day, April 2, in the evening we were told that inflammatory cells had been found in the lungs and intestines. A virus... but what kind of virus?  Further research is ongoing.

They don't want to rule out herpes, but there are no traces to be found in the kidneys.

It's heartbreaking to see your pups go one by one like this. From lively pup to....

Mother Skylar is doing well and is making steps forward. Likes to go outside and sometimes makes an effort to play. We really need to protect her that she doesn't want too much. Eating is also going well and independently. She's not there yet but so nice to get the old Skylar back.

The remaining little man is very spoiled and pampered. He now has to grow up all alone and that is not easy. We hope that his big sister Nova, his mom and Heavynne will be able to support him, play with him and give him a good education so that he can grow into a healthy adult Briard. Strap dark blue is Turais Odin.

Rest in peace my sweet little stars, forever in my heart.

Taygeta Noï, Thalita Flor, Tendu Sterra, Terra Skylar, Tindra Aurora (females), Thibault Sinne, Tavin Orion, Tau Ceti and Tarquin Phlox (males).

kaars cc_edited.jpg

I would like to add that the pathological report  of Utrecht did not yield any results. Very frustrating  not knowing what caused your perfectly healthy pups to die.

Keeps going through your head and still have sleepless nights from it.

Have extra tests for herpes, here too the older and small Odin have been extensively tested but nothing comes out and all are healthy. We are currently a few months further. Odin is now 5 months. 

So you will be told in one that quite a lot of nests died in the same period. Can't and don't dare to make any statements now, but put everything into operation again to find out what the cause of death is....

We enjoy our sweet little guy who is doing great but we experience the nightmare again and again. I hope that everything will get a place and that we will get clarity sometime in the future.

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